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Uniting a global workforce

Modern Integrated Client Software Designs
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Global social network, online project workspaces and corporate knowledge base


To drive project management excellence by enabling an internal network of global project staff to; connect and build relationships, manage their projects and access and share project files from any location, and access and contribute to a living project management body of knowledge.


A custom social network, living body of knowledge and complete online project management workspace released globally in multiple languages, and rich with modern and innovative features.


Initial project brainstorming sessions, team design sessions and design reviews, information architecture and automated workflow designs, user and administration system designs, executive presentations, usage tracking and notification system designs, project manager designation and profile management systems, complete graphical and user interface designs, interactive user interface development, UI development and testing.

Solution Highlights:

  • All staff are assigned a profile that includes personal and professional information. Registration is easy, just visit the site and you are asked to create a profile that is associated with your corporate login.
  • Staff are reminded to provide regular updates to their interests, skills and experience so that they can be aligned with the best projects for career growth and success, find others with similar interests, and provide support in areas of specialization.
  • Knowledge base information and navigation is organized around the recognized and well-known PMBOK categories and includes the ability to; preview resources, view popular and recommended resources, and like, suggest, discuss, share and update resources.
  • All contributions to knowledge or community growth are recognized and rewarded through special site visibility and site priority. Rewarded contributions include; staff invitations to join the site, the sharing or improvement of resources, providing answers, and engaging in discussions.
  • A rich online project spaces environment allows project files, media and people to be managed and accessed centrally and enables the outlook-integrated central storage of project emails, calendars, and tasks.

Need ways to maximize a distributed workforce?

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Our Proven Approach

The all-to-common problem

It’s natural to be both excited about new technology potential and concerned about the risks.

If it helps, we feel excited and cautious at start of every innovative technology project we take on. And these are the projects we accept because the factors are right. Long gone are the days of simple technology software that you build and use for a decade. It's been replaced by our new era of technological advancement that is astonishing to everyone in the field that is paying attention.

There is a common story behind technology project failures. Maybe this sounds familiar?

Hindsight discussions on the cause of failure reveal that the project should have ...used a different technology stack ...focused more on change management ...conducted more user consultations ...been more agile. The list is endless, but in our experience you can ...'place a trendy singular project failure reason here'.

Although these reasons for failure may contain truth, the real problem was likely a lot more foundational. Your project was missing the solution leadership, processes and experience necessary to do something this complex.

Our leadership at Hive One has spent 20 years implementing complex innovative solutions across a wide range of organizations and technologies. We have the proven processes, broad relevant experience and leadership to define and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

How do we do it?

At a high-level, our approach is based on 3 foundational aspects. Clarity of direction, excellence in execution, and strong project control.

Directional Clarity

The Hive One Design Process

We always start by maximizing innovation opportunities and creating a strong baseline understanding. We select a focus group of Hive One and client resources that have the right skills, perspectives and expertise – and engage in deep candid planning conversations.

With your goals guiding decisions, we explore user/consumer opportunities, organizational opportunities, and technology opportunities to refine and understand the solution. All key features and process steps are evaluated for their individual cost/benefit and cost/benefit to the solution as a whole.

The outcome of this phase of work is a high-level system and service design with clear costs/benefits – and a newfound directional clarity across the core team. These vetted software and services designs are the basis for approvals and execution planning.

Iterative Execution Excellence

The Hive One Design Process

The service and software designs are converted into a backlog (list) of discreet work. This list is prioritized for risk and dependency and is the foundation for our iterative design and development processes. These processes include full client transparency and regular reports and check points. At a high level, four parallel activities happen in this phase:

  • The features for the current iteration of work (sprint) are organized into high level feature designs and descriptions that the team can use to size the effort, identify high-level tasks, and establish a clear sprint goal.
  • Following our agile principles, the detailed conceptual designs, workflows and information models for the iteration (sprint) are articulated into foundational requirements and acceptance criteria for sequential execution and assignment of development work.
  • Following our agile principles, the specific designs, prototypes, requirements and or acceptance criteria for the next sprint of work are reviewed and approved by the stakeholders to ensure directional clarity and acceptance prior to the development of the feature. This ensures validation and feedback loops occur at the right point in the project to ensure that the risks of missed or changing requirements and rework are mitigated.
  • Following our agile principles, the feature(s) in each sprint are developed, tested (unit, functional, and compatibility) and merged into the developed solution where they can be demonstrated, tested and accepted.

Each iteration is used as an opportunity to reward good work, make necessary adjustments, communicate the emerging solution and build interest and momentum with stakeholders.

Transparency and Control

The Hive One Design Process

Every iteration of work starts with detailed project planning and ends with a demonstration (where possible), retrospective on areas to improve, and a detailed financial and progress report.

Dedicated times are set design reviews and expert breakout sessions so that necessary answers and problems can be resolved quickly. To avoid unnecessary meeting overhead, every meeting has a specific purpose, attendee list and outcomes. Meetings that do not have a purpose are not held and people that are not required do not attend. For all work that would be negatively impacted by scheduling and holding a meeting, we leverage instant messaging (IM) communications and establish standards for how these communications should be used (to minimize disruption) and enforce fast response times to reduce dependent work delays.

All work that will be conducted by Hive 1 is stored in a master project plan with a high-level estimate for all known work (scope). This allows completed work (scope) to be compared to the time and budget used. This information is converted into detailed reports on all work and burn down graphs. Thes reports clearly show project control at the work item level - and estimate when the project will be out of time and budget if the project is continued at current rates with current work (scope). This approach also allows all work (scope) decisions to be immediately reflected for their cost and time impacts to the project.

Find out how our leadership, experience and processes will maximize your success.

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Integration Innovation

Designing modern integrated client tools
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Fully integrated client intake and self-service solution


To create modern and secure online tools for public users to request services, share information and communicate with case managers who work from a large enterprise government system that is not accessible externally or designed for mobile devices


A suite of fully integrated public software that increases automation of intake, improves rural and non-business hour access to services and information, and opens a communication channel between public users (on any device) and case staff working from an enterprise Oracle Seibel case management system.


Directional designs and concepts, client and stakeholder design sessions, executive presentations, process and automated workflow designs, Case Management and web site integration designs, storefront geo-location designs, graphical UI and feature designs, user interface development and coding, responsive (desktop, mobile, tablet) designs development and testing, oversight of project development and quality, professional solution presentations and deployment marketing materials.

Solution Highlights:

  • Fully responsive, the client tools look great and work seamlessly across all modern devices, operating systems and browsers
  • The solution is fully integrated with existing high traffic web sites to maximize awareness of new tools and services and is also fully integrated with the government case management system to allow case workers to continue to work from, and client information to be directly retrieved from, and directly stored into, the core case system.
  • A powerful intake management system allows all service requests to be reviewed if necessary, and submitted directly into the case management system where the client contact and case are automatically created
  • Unlike a standard client portal where you log into a site and navigate pages to view information and complete requests, the information sharing component of the portal looks and feels like email. This makes the system easy to learn and ensures that all requests and information sharing between clients and case managers include human interactions, a core goal of case management.

Need to create modern external access to your enterprise systems?

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Preserving our planet

Design for a better future
Project status: Project in Progress In Progress

Carbon reduction rewards program and technology platform


To create a market driven solution for reducing global carbon emissions and to create effective incentives that will help ensure a better world for ourselves and our future generations.


A comprehensive behavioral economics solution that provides real-time financial rewards for fuel efficiency and that establishes regional incentives for manageable recurring reductions and continuous improvement. Through high levels of participation, the solution creates widespread societal awareness and contribution to a better future without requiring significant changes to the existing infrastructure.


A complete 'in-house' project (internally owned and funded by Hive One profits).

Solution Highlights:

  • Effectively targets all 5 areas of human behavior to maximize on adoption and change impacts; good information, personal ability, social observation, personal benefit and personal identity
  • Simple registration, program and process make understanding and using the program a breeze
  • With high visibility, ECOtop50 creates its own instant awareness and momentum wherever it is installed
  • Based on fully adaptive algorithms; ECOtop50 starts with where a regional population is today, and sets achievable stretch targets every year to drive manageable but continuous improvement in the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

For information on this innovative solution

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Services and Values

Hive One Solutions
Hive One Services

In a world increasingly driven by rapidly changing technolgy, your systems and processes represent crucial investments. At Hive One, we specialize in turning innovation opportunities into executable designs and clear visions of the future. We then take these designs and, through our proven mature processes, convert the often frustrating, vague and high-risk software development process into clear, meaningful and successful projects that set our clients apart.

We are a full service provider with deep experience in a wide array of design, development and implementation services. Our professional services include:

  • Innovation workshops and conceptual solution design
  • Complex business process transformation and workflow redesign
  • User experience, interaction and service design
  • User interface design and UX testing
  • Performance management and business intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence: narrow A.I, supervised learning, reinforcement learning
  • Development environments and deployment architectures (all modern platforms and technologies)
  • Full stack Web and mobile application development
  • Full stack mid-tier development and API’s
  • Legacy system data migration, integration and systems enhancements
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Automated and manual testing and QA
  • Change readiness and implementation support
  • Application maintenance and continuous improvement

We also conduct sessions on innovation and project execution best-practices through advance booking.

Hive One Guiding Principles

We attribute our historical and ongoing success to our core values and beliefs. We are passionate about making an impact, designing elegant solutions and doing meaningful work. This passion comes from the awareness that we need to make the most from our most important personal assets; our interests, our unrealized potential and our finite time. Our services are guided by the following principles:

Make a difference and rewards come naturally

Focus on positive long-term human outcomes and making a real and lasting difference. Applying energy to the realization of meaningful goals is the best way to ensure lasting monetary and non-monetary reward

Be disciplined in execution but dream big

Incremental progress and sequential innovations are the drivers of change and innovation. Have a vision and be bold, but know that sequential wins drive breakthroughs - and all significant journeys travel meandering and challenging paths. Be patient and open to changes in direction, but never lose your resolve and keep moving. You will be surprised how far you can go.

Demand commitment to common goals, but seek and respect diversity

When united by a common goal, differences in how we communicate, act, work and think are not only a new reality of a global economy, but are critical to innovation, survivability and future success. Although a lack of commitment to common goals is a negatvie in any environment, diversity in innovative environments is critical success factor.

Engage with honesty and intention

The change we create can be disruptive and divisive. The best solutions are achieved when everyone understands and acknowledges the pros and cons of a changing environment - and interact with a shared honesty and intention to get to a better place.

Always strive for excellence

Perfection is rarely possible, but excellence is always achievable. Activities worthy of our finite time are worth doing well. Seek opportunities to live by personal values, leverage personal strengths, improve skills and build knowledge. Perform all work to the best of your ability, and expect the same from others. Excellent work is the foundation of meaningful careers and making a positive.

We can help you achieve greater success

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Resolving disputes

Designing Affordable Online Resolution
Project status: Project in Design Development - 2019 First Release

Open Source Dispute Management System


To take a large tribunal providing dispute resolutions off of a an aging and highly limited case management system with aging manual processes and create innovative and advanced modern software and processes as a foundation for digital service access and highly automated and efficient staff work.


A comprehensive and powerful domain-specific case management system with extensive online digital services that increase the affordability, access and quality of dispute resolution services and the performance and efficiency of the provider organization. Three releases are planned for a high-volume first-mover client starting with Release 1 in 2019. The solution will leverage the open source model to allow the technology and innovation from this project to be shared and contributed to by global resolution service agencies, creating a foundation for sector transformation.


Complete in-house design and development services including: Initial future-state designs, stakeholder consultations, design workshops and focus groups, business and organizational process modeling, information architecture, technical architecture, .Net CORE2 mid-tier design and development, Openshift deployment pipelines, RESTFUL API development, microservice development, complex systems integrations, legacy data migrations, performance reporting, UX/UI design, UI development (all modern browsers/devices), QA/Testing, and systems support.

Solution Highlights:

  • The complete case management system was purpose-built for dispute resolution - unlike generic case management systems it presents information in the way that dispute resolution staff expect to see it, and surfaces work based on common dispute resolution workflows and service touch-points
  • The system includes sector-leading tools in the complex area of issue and digital evidence management. Issues and evidence are logically grouped based on rules and defined party submission activities, with full organizational control over when and how evidence is submitted.
  • Wizard based online intake ensures that all new disputes start with complete applications that meet the rules and legislation of the organization and matter in dispute - while being very easy for someone with no knowledge to complete correctly the first time.
  • A dispute access site provides 24/7 file access all disputants through a unique access code - allowing them to submit information themselves or by being supported by any third party. The site surfaces key activities as they are required, reminds with notifications, and provides detailed receipts and next-step instructions after every transaction.

Are you looking to transform dispute resolution with a powerful suite of open source tools?

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Simplified Service Navigation

Modern Integrated Client Software
Project status: Project Complete Implemented

Online Solution Explorer (Expert System)


To create an dynamic information delivery system that provides free legal information, self help tools, and service readiness actions and information to citizens with small claim and strata disputes.


A complete knowledge engineering framework and tools for the creation of solution exploration content - tied to a comprehensive online exploration system that allows videos, html, pdf files, and document templates to be displayed based on the specific needs and personal circumstances of each unique user.


Initial conceptual designs, stakeholder interviews, design workshops, early pilots and UX testing, information privacy and anonymouse user access frameworks, responsive UI design and development, information taxonomy and data architectures, mid-tier requirements, UI integration, project leadership, quality assurance and testing.

Solution Highlights:

  • The online expert system not only helps disputants understand their rights and prepare their claims with an innovative question-answer-action framework but is fully dynamic to allow content to be added or modified at any time. Continuous improvement is enabled through anonymous usage data and detailed user ratings and action tracking.
  • Where suitable, disputants can continue and submit an application for formal resolution services that includes their background information. The process ensures users that have completed necessary pre-application steps, screens frivolous applications, ensures understanding and adherence to rules, and provides downstream service agencies with applications that are clean and complete.
  • As an expert system is only as effective as the content that it provides, Hive One designed a complete process and visual building tools for fast effective knowledge engineering (a term for creating the complex content flows displayed to users in the solution). Hive One validated and refined these processes and tools by engineering content for a first mover client before transitioned the proven tools and processes to the client with working examples and defined best-practices.

Are you looking for ways to transform traditional services?

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Hive One - Achieve more by design

Achieve more... by design

We transform sectors with process and technology innovation using the latest tools and mature proven processes. We will help you realize a better future.

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“Often people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

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Connecting A Global Workforce

Uniting a global workforce

Social network, knowledge base and online workspaces for global project management excellence

Hive One Design Approach

Our Proven Approach

Our approach to innovation projects and how we continually manage to achieve success

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Integrating with the connected world

Extending a large complex internal system to allow modern external access from any device

Extending Internal Software Systems for External Access
“Often people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

Preserving the Earth with Design Innovation

our planet

Helping reduce carbon emissions through behavioral economics innovation

Our Innovative Software Design Philosophy

About us

An overview of Hive One services and the values behind 20 years of innovative solution success

Resolving Disputes Efficiently with Software Innovation

Resolving disputes

A world-class dispute resolution case management system - soon to be available Open Source!

Simplifying complex service navigation

Driving Enterprise Wide Performance
Providing guidance, options and service access based on individual needs and circumstances
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